The new home grill generation

The Biolux Multigrill it’s unique, innovative and revolutionary!

The BioluxMultigrill, with itsvarious different cooking zones, is simply beyond compare! You can preparemultiple dishes at the same time without mixing any of the flavours oraromas.

With the MULTIGRILL you can grill, fry and bake, or even flambeedesserts – all with the same appliance! 

The secret to the Biolux Multigrill is 4 different cooking zones.

With the MULTIGRILL and theingenious fat draining function, all excess fat drains into the tray below andaway from your food - so you can cook delicious food in a healthy manner. Healthy cooking has never been so much fun!

TheMULTIGRILL,with its unique, non-stick coating guarantees you the best results in theshortest time. 

The Biolux Multigrill is simply a must-have.