The perfect size for your daily cooking actions

The brand new world sensation
This daily use pan set replace all your big kitchen staff like several pan´s, pot´s etc.
You have the right size for your daily cooking actions.
With their high end ceramic coating and special hammerd design it is perfect non-stick and non-toxic coated and heat up fast and all through the pan.
So you do not have any black spot in heat distribution everywhere perfect temperature.
You can perfectly & fast make your sauces for pasta, steak, bread, rice, cake, etc. etc.
Additionally you can make a fry actions like French fries, Schnitzel, fish, noodles, etc. with the fry steam basket. This basket is great cause has 2 hight´s that you can let drop down the fat for healthy eating.
With the steam try you can make healthy vegetables, fish, dumblings, etc.
Single pan can used w. their induction bottom on all cooking surfaces.
So you have a perfect all in one cooking system for every day use.